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Fostering with wings

We want to offer a new program to the City of Camrose residents and the other areas we service. This is a short-term foster program for cats and dogs, as the room is permitted within our organization. This program was designed for people seeking treatment medically, fleeing domestic or other scenarios as required. To participate in this program, we will need a note from a doctor or social worker stating the length of treatment. All information remains 100 % confidential and becomes a short-term contract with CAARS that your animal stays in care with a foster home at no cost to you. You're Health and Wellness during this time are the most critical time, which should help lighten the load. 

There is a requirement to qualify for this program; however, income is not a factor. 


- Must be receiving medical treatment either leaving your residence or treatment makes it impossible to safely attend to your animals during this time. 

- Animals MUST be fully vetted with vaccines and spayed or neutered. If cost is a factor for this, please reach out to discuss this further. A proof will be required before intake. 

- Finally, an approximate length of stay needed will need to be requested 30- 90 days is typically the max this program will allow. (If 30 days is asked for and needs to be extended, a follow-up note from a doctor or social worker will be required)

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A fostering story 

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet
Dog Walker at the Park
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